Glenside, PA
Future CHS Class of 1967

Below are copies of the class pictures from Glenside Elementary School for what would later be the CHS class of 1967. They are from kindergarden 1955, at the old Glenside school, through 1959. These were loaned to me by class member, Ruth Lawrence, who now resides in Hawaii. Ruth, as well as a few others pictured, later graduated with the CHS class of 1968.

Miss Sudlow's kindergarden at the old Glenside Elementary school. Top (L-R) - Carol Dilworth, ? on rest of row

2nd - ?, Nancy Colhs, Mary Lou Sharpless, Albert McDaniel, John Johnson, Ruth Lawrence, ?, ?, ?

3rd - ?, ?, Carol Rogers, ?, Buddy Wilbur, Gwen Winters, ?, Tommy Dominick, ?

Sitting - ?, Bruce Wigs, ?, Doug Kraus, ?, Tom Redding, Pete Molnar, ?

Miss Jones First Grade. Top (L-R) ?, ?, Bruce Wigo, ?, ?, ?, Annie Geneseo

Middle - Nancy Colhs, Ronnie Miller, Ruth Lawrence, ?, John Jonson, Jay Shendious, ?, ?

Bottom - Tabetha Fermanhs, Carol Dilworth, ?, Doug Adler, ?, Bobby Hayes, ?

Miss Jones Second Grade. Top (L-R) ?, Bobby William, Denise Berger. ?

2nd - Ruth Lawrence, ?, Jay Shendious, ?, ?, ?. Nancy Colhs

3rd - Annie Geneseo, Barbara Griffith, Marc ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

sitting - ?, Bobby Hayes, Doug Adler, ?, ?, ?

Miss Wills Third Grade. Top (L-R) Denise Berger, Carol Rodgers, Marc ?, Tony ?, Bobby Williams, ?, Gwen Winters, ?

Middle - Peter Alcott, Doug Kraus, Mary Jo ?, Robert Schiller, Billy Payne, Bernie D'Angelo, Tommy Adler

Bottom - Judy Reddy, Tommy Dominic, ?, Barbara Griffith, Buddy Wilbur, ?,Amy Keesler, ?, Ruth Lawrence

Miss Wills Fourth Grade. Top (L-R) Amy kessler, Carol Rogers, Buddy Wilbur, Louise Mescher?, Marc ?

Second - Guy Simpson, Albert MacDaniels, Fritz?, Robert Schiller, Mary Jo?, Doug Krause, Mary Lou Sharpless

Third - Tommy (or doug) Adler, Ruth Lawrence, Tony?, Bernie D'Angelo, Ken?, Juddy reddy, Ester Frey

Sitting - Tommy Dominic, ?, Denise Berger

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