Glenside, PA
More CHS Future Class of 1968

More Glenside Elementary pictures courtesy of Carolyn Miller Antilla. I have identified those I remember. If you can can help us fill in the blanks, please use the link at the bottom of the page to email me. Thanks.

First Grade, Teacher Mrs Johansen, Top Row (L-R) - H.P.?, Kenny B.?, Janet Fleet, Dale?, Roslyn Malmaud, linda Weisman

2nd Row - Suzy Wills, Elizabeth Wilson, Margo J.?, R.K.?, Mike Grobelney, Susan Thomas, Beth Farb

3rd Row - Penny Renner, Anne Wright, Robert Paul, Jackie Lichtenstein, Edith Earwaker?, ?, Boyd Cass

Sitting - Jimmie Hoxie, Alan Cordoff, Carolyn Miller, ?, Harry Read

Second Grade, Teacher Mrs Johansen (right) and unidentified aide (left)

Top Row (L-R) H.P.?, Robert Paul, penny Renner, Jimmy Hoxie, Dale?, Roslyn Malmaud, Kenny B.?

Second Row - ?, ?, Elizabeth Wilson, Suzy Wills, Mike Grobelney, John Gerhard, Edith Earwaker?

Sitting - Boyd Cass, Alan Cordoff, Harry Read, Susan Thomas, Carolyn Miller, Jacket Lichtenstein, Anne Wright, Beth Farb, Janet Fleet

Third Grade, Teacher Miss Engel, Top Row (L-R) Bobby Fisher, ?, Hank Holmes, ?, Mike Sturm

2nd Row - ?, Jeff Blumenthal, Sara Breitman, Joanne Wills, ?, Lucille Tarzian, ?

Sitting - ?, Fred Kass, ?, ?, Doug Crompton, Harry read, ?, Steven Greenfield

Front - ?, ?, ?. Jimmie Hoxie

Fourth Grade, Teacher mrs. Whiteley. Top (L-R) - judy Richmond, Carolyn Miller, ?, Fred Kass, Barbara Dando, Steven Greenfiled, Barbara Griffith, Irene Cooper, Andy Reed

Second Row - Mike Sturm, Bobby Fisher, penny Renner, Jimmie Hoxie, Don Atkiss, Dale Fetterman, ?, Ruth Segal, ?, Linda Weisman

Sitting - Bill gardner, Anne Wright, Susan Thomas, Margo?, Brenda Green, Barry Koffler, Dennis Fesmire, Doug Crompton, Elizabeth Wilson

Fifth Grade, Teacher Mrs,. Krause. Top (L-R) - ?, Judi Richmond, Dale Fetterman, Andy Reed, Robert Wineman, Jeff Blumenthal, Donald Atkiss, Diane Judson, Janet Fleet

Second Row - Pam Gates, Judy Walker, John Gerhard, Bonnie Clark, Brenda Green, sharon Butterworth, ?, Lucille Tarzian, Anne Wright, Norman Deaver

Sitting - Richard Lee, Jackie Lichtenstein, Carolyn Miller, Jannette Cooper, Joanne Wills, ?, Harry Read, Carol Dilworth, Merle Vickery, Doug Crompton, Susan Harris

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